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              Patient Reviews


 A professional who treats the whole self. He helps in getting the whole person, body, mind & soul healthy.


  Dr. Fischer is a very down-to-earth psychiatrist with a wealth of experience and sound advice. He is careful and cautious about medication adjustment. He mixes compassion with realism, practicality, and honesty.  He approaches diagnoses with an open mind and with relevant examples


   I struggled for years to find a provider. I am so grateful for Dr. Fischer. He truly cares about his patients. He works WITH you to ensure you're in control of your journey to mental wellness, while offering fantastic expertise and genuine empathy.'


  Dr. Fischer is a wonderfully empathetic doctor with a thorough knowledge of the history and workings of psychiatry and psychiatric medicine. In sessions, I find that he not only listens and really hears what I have to say, but he also teaches me and offers viewpoints I’ve not found with any of my previous doctors. He’s a great believer in the mind/body connection, which often gets ignored by ‘western’ medicine. I’ve realized good progress under his care and am grateful.


  I am deeply grateful for the help that Dr. Fischer has provided to me. He is compassionate and knowledgeable. I trust him with my care.'


 Doc Fischer is clearly an experienced and knowledgeable professional. He gets to the heart of the matter with sensitivity and provides solution(s) that are more humanistic and gentle than cold and clinical.  His ability to get to the heart of an issue and explain it in a humanistic and understanding way has helped me more than I can say.  I am very glad I chose to see him for help with my anxiety and depression.


 Dr. Fischer's insight, wisdom and knowledge have been extremely beneficial to my greater understanding and perspectives. He is an anchor in the storm and has been a tremendous help to me in staying connected to myself'


  Dr Fischer is a warm and caring psychologist. He understands the drugs he prescribes and helps to focus on an improved you to regain control of your path in life.'


  My life has changed since I started practicing mindfulness and following Dr. Fischer’s advice. His holistic approach and commitment to introduce mindfulness to his patients is the best therapy I could ever ask for.  He’s an open book I always look forward to listen to, learn from, and put into practice in my daily life.'


I have been seeing Dr. Fischer for over a year now and have had a great experience with him. He has helped me greatly both with dealing with issues with work and personal life. He has pushed me when necessary and been kind and "gentle" when needed. Making appointments with his wife has been great,  she is kind and friendly to talk with.


  I always leave a session with Dr. Fischer feeling more enlightened and empowered. He is is extremely intelligent in so many ways, emotionally intelligent. Has really brought me out of the dark.


  Dr Fischer is an excellent and unique psychiatrist.

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