Dr. Fischer works with you to develop a comprehensive and individualized treatment plan incorporating your preferences with regard to medications, psychotherapy and lifestyle.


Medication management, or psychopharmacology, can reduce the symptoms of  mental health disorders including depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.  While you may choose to rely on medications alone,  psychopharmacology is usually more effective when combined with psychotherapy and/or constructive changes in lifestyle. Dr. Fischer will make sure you understand any medications you take, including the potential benefits and the possible side effects and will work with you according to your preferences, to rely on as little medication as possible. 


Psychotherapy can reduce the symptoms of a mental health disorder and help you feel and function  better.  Different psychotherapies are helpful for different conditions. Dr Fischer has years of education, training and experience in psychodynamic psychotherapy, positive psychotherapy and mindfulness based cognitive therapy (MBCT) and can provide psychotherapy or work with your current therapist.  Psychotherapy can help you to:

    Find freedom from distracting or disruptive thoughts

    Manage your emotional state and tendencies

    Improve relationships and function

    Increase self awareness and confidence

    Develop a positive psychology

    Regain happiness and enjoyment of life

Lifestyle Medicine

While Lifestyle Medicine was once thought to be primarily for physical health,  changes in lifestyle can also improve mental and emotional well-being and quality of life.  If you like,  Dr. Fischer can explore realistic changes you might consider with you. 


Telepsychiatry is a convenient way to access mental health care, including psychotherapy and psychopharmacotherapy while expending less time and money on transportation. Telepsychiatry has been found to offer improved access to care with effectiveness of treatment and accuracy of diagnoses equivalent  to in-person psychiatry.   Bruce A. Fischer MD conducts appointments via telepsychiatry with technology that keeps your information confidential.

Dr. Bruce A Fischer MD provides individualized treatment of  conditions such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, PTSD and ADHD for relief from symptoms and improvement in your quality of life.